Fan Tan, or fan-tan is a traditional gambling game long popular in China. It is essentially a game that is pure luck, and shares many similarities with blackjack. It was invented in the year 700 BC in the province of Shang Dynasty. The game involved playing cards and making use of the same deck of nine cards players in traditional card games use.The nine cards are laid out the like they would be in the regular game. At the beginning of the game, every player is dealt two cards, one face-down with one facing the other. There are two rules in fan-tan, one that applies to the west, and the other to the east. This requires that the cards be laid out face-down from west-to-east. This can be confusing for some new players. After all cards have been dealt, each person chooses one or seven. This will count from one to seven as the remaining cards. The dealer then takes the fan-tan card and put it on top of the table. This card is used to place bets betting. The players place their bets using the numbers printed on the card. This betting is done using the standard 52 card deck. The betting is complete when the deck is turned over.The cards are rotated one at a time so that each player sees only one card. The card is referred to as the fan-tan jeng, or "master-card". The players can bet against one another but they also bet on an entire group or "tea bag". They may fold, but must first rotate the deck using their tea bags prior to folding. They are now ready to play another game of bets once the cards are turned.At the conclusion of the game there's an bet on the highest total on a single deck, the card is awarded to the loser. The dealer goes through all the cards, and then gives five cards to each player. The five cards are drawn from a pile, called the "queen board". The dealer then distributes the contents of the deck, starting with the fan-tan jong and continues to the final card called"the "king".The game is finished when each player has received their last card. Everyone gets up, and the dealer announces that everyone is asked to leave the table. The game ends when everyone has placed the same amount of bets on the same card (including the winner). All players are given a card and the dealer draws the card for the winner currently.At the beginning of the game that follows, the players must add a new card to the previously marked card. This is accomplished by adding it to the pile that is facing up before placing it on the top of the pile. If more than one player require a card, the dealer will permit them to do so, but only one card at a time. The dealer will count the remaining players after the last card is added. The dealer will flip the last card to the left, and then distribute the deck to each player.Fan Tan is a Chinese folk entertainment, was adopted by Westerners in the 19th century. It is still played as an addition to a card game, such as Texas Hold'em and Hold'em. There are a variety of variations of the game, including versions with a seven-card Stud or seven-card fantan. There are also versions which include the well-known joker.

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