This is the question that I've been asking since the past two years since I began gifting my baby girl the tablet, which includes all Youtube channels specifically designed for infants. All of them are said to aid babies in their development in cognitive, social and other areas in addition to helping them socially and mentally. My daughter loves the content. She just keeps looking at it with her eyes shining, and her laughter ready for her lips. It's fun watching her be entertained. However, I do not comprehend all the commercial breaks. My baby isn't a consumer So why are they advertising for babies on Youtube for my baby or YouTube??First off, babies aren't able to be able to comprehend commercials. It's both a waste of money as well as a waste of time. This commercial (video) is just one example of waste. They're not even babies! It's not possible to claim that they understand, so why do you insist on showing them these advertisements? Do you think in the event that mother and father or other baby-sitters are watching, they'll benefit as well from the advertisements? This is becoming annoying to me.Cat videos are exactly the same. They are so captivating , my cat has taken to these videos. It's usually mice or birds however my cat likes to sit and watch the videos for hours. Perhaps they are hunting. The ads keep interrupting these videos. And who are they trying to catch? My cat isn't a fan of anything else than these videos. Ads are irrelevant to her. Maybe they're hoping that my cat is watching the videos? It's possible that they are partially correct However, I find myself more interested in absurd cat videos rather than doing anything productive.<img width="484" src="">This is why I've discovered an excellent solution that I've been using lately. It's basically downloading Youtube videos on my computer to my tablet or my daughter's to play later. It works like I were offline and needed to have the hard copy on my hard drive, instead of streaming it from Youtube. Do you understand what I'm referring to? I came across this site that lets me store videos on my computer instead of having to access it via Youtube whenever my cat wants to watch birds. So now, I can just double-click on the mp4 video to save it to my desktop. It then runs in VLC immediately without any advertisements and immediately begins engaging my cat.Same process is with the videos of babies and videos on video channels. It's simple to find videos that my daughter loves and download them from Youtube and then copy them to her table. In some cases, if it's only a few songs only I do it using her tablet but in reality it's much easier to access this website using a desktop computer, and then copy video files to wherever you'd like to put them. It's easier to handle such things with mouse. Perhaps it's only me being the old-fashioned person that I am...It was a fantastic way to conserve mobile data. Before downloading videos from Youtube was feasible, I had to keep my phone connected to the internet using a hotspot or an additional data plan. Sometimes, we used a special data plan to store data on our tablet.I'm so happy you liked my tricks and tips for data and Internet wealthy households. It may sound ridiculous.

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