p>Over the last few years, the SPA concept's popularity has blossomed, and Mexico is not an exception. Mexico boasts an unprecedented number of stylish accommodations for all those people looking for great spa experiences and relaxing time.</p><p>"Experienced hands that play and fight with the tension in the muscles of my body, I surrender myself, little by little, to the relaxing and perfumed rhythm of the waves of the sea..."</p><p>Nothing is better than a great massage experience in the exotic beach spa of Mexico... Richness is abundant here, in the air, water, earth and which best resource than Mother Nature to receive energy?</p><p>With a long tradition of healing, a Mexico spa vacation is the perfect choice for those seeking a convenient, culturally rich experience. Mayan wellness treatments offer benefits to the modern spa guests.</p><p>Like the people who visit them, spas come in all shapes and sizes in Mexico. The influences of its ancient Mayan and Aztec inhabitants linger both in a physical sense and as a mystical presence;many ancestral techniques have returned to favor.</p><p>For example, the Temazcal sweat lodge ceremony is hailed by many for its cleansing, stress-relieving powers. And native healing herbs are often featured in spa products. Both newcomers and longtime visitors agree: this vast country will always surprise you with its beauty and variety. Lovers of hot stone massages and seaweed body wraps can choose from day spas, destination resort spas and the hotel spa.</p><p>Whether you dream about an adventure vacation getaway, healthy weight loss, total tune-up for mind and body, temazcals or spiritual rejuvenation there's a destination spa vacation in Mexico where it can all come together for you.</p><p>The benefits of a spa vacation are real and the experiences are tailored for you in the Mexico's most beautiful settings. We know that each spa - goer has a very personal wish list as extraordinary ambiance, luxurious accommodations with exceptional spa services, outstanding cuisine, and so on; below, you will find the crème de la crème of spa hotels and resorts in different Mexican destinations.</p><p><strong>Riviera Maya Spa</strong></p><p>Find the refreshing balance of mind, body, and spirit at the Riviera Maya hotels and spa and allow skilled therapists to transform tension into a distant memory.</p><p>The Riviera Maya is the perfect destination to relax from daily stress and the bigger city tension.</p><p>In this heaven destination you can enjoy the marvelous Caribbean atmosphere beginning your days stimulating the circulation with a relaxant beach-walk or participating in the various Yoga classes proposed by instructors and therapists. Enjoy a soothing massage on the beach, an aloe wrap, or an aromatherapy facial that will leave you refreshed and renewed.</p><p><strong>Spa in Tulum Mexico</strong></p><p>An important destination that hypnotizes the tourists of the entire world looking for a meditation spot and peaceful place is Tulum Mexico. Along https://bestreview.wqidian.com/best-bali-spa-furniture-review-2022/ , Tulum has magic in the air! A wonderful destination full of nature and rustic comfort, Tulum and its idyllic surroundings offer the perfect antidote to high stressed city life! A journey to the center of oneself...local shamans maybe will take care of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Tulum is the perfect tropical retreat to stimulate your senses and immerse yourself in explorations of your body's wisdom.</p><p>We invite you to enjoy an experience of complete relaxation, guided by the sound of the ocean and gentle hands which will guide you through an exploration of your inner world.</p><p><strong>Spa Playa del Carmen</strong></p><p>Playa del Carmen is the pulsating heart of the Riviera Maya.</p><p>Using the most exclusive and purist products, combine with ancient Mayan treatments, the Playa del Carmen Spas are designed to offer the ultimate in holistic beauty care and supreme relaxation.<img width="388" src="https://www.samuirestaurantguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Swasana-Spa.jpg">Luxury surrounding, oasis of elegance and relaxation, with one of the widest range of treatments available in Mexico, Playa del Carmen is among the best Spa destinations!</p><p>Pamper your body at Playa del Carmen-renowned spa hotels and resorts. Discover hospitality and attentive service while you rejuvenate your spirit during a one-of-a-kind spa visit. Re-discover yourself, heal your soul and head to the spa hotels in Playa del Carmen Mexico.</p><p>TIP - If you will be a guest of an hotel in Playa del Carmen that doesn't have the spa, you can ask information to the reception or in the guest service, they surely have contacts with the best therapists, activity and spas of Playa del Carmen</p><p><strong>Los Cabos Spa Resorts</strong></p><p>Los Cabos, the final tip of the Baja California Peninsula includes San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas that offer some of the most finest and luxury spa resorts in Mexico.</p><p>Famous for providing some of the most satisfying spa vacations, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose' del Cabo, so Los Cabos, appeal all that kind of people looking for luxury, elegance, relax and pleasure!</p><p>Start your day with a seaside walk along the Sea of Cortes enjoying the warmth and beauty of the area.</p><p>With its beautiful and peaceful settings the Spas in Los Cabos Mexico offer a great variety of treatments, massages and therapies bringing your body into a deep state of relaxation and well being. Two resorts destinations where nature, along with top-notch spa treatments, makes rejuvenation easy as can be.</p><p><strong>Puerto Vallarta Spa destination</strong></p><p>Puerto Vallarta Spas are great mind stimulants and mind relaxants. One among the most sophisticate destination of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is still surprising us!</p><p>Puerto Vallarta has many spa hotels and resorts offering revitalizing treatments provided by a skilled staff ready to serve with personal warmth and attention your expectations.</p><p>In Puerto Vallarta, sports, fitness exercise, massage, steam rooms, alternative therapies, hot natural spa mineral waters, saunas, whirlpools and a range of other services and facilities are all designed to help your body recover from the stresses and wear that our everyday lives put upon it. A spa experience in Puerto Vallarta is about leaving your daily grind behind you and making a choice to create a positive impact on your whole self.</p><p>These amazing Mexican destinations have the most modern and sophisticated equipment, with amazing architecture and with the best therapists that will take care of every detail to provide you a complete well being experience.</p><p>Let yourself enjoy a rare chance to have someone else look after you, where indulgence is the key word; you'll emerge feeling recharged and invigorated. So if you want your next vacation to feel like a genuine break maybe its time you thought about a visit to a splendid spa resort in Mexico.</p>

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