https://www.elheraldo.co/gustavo-petro than 40 associations as well as associations that comprise the active get of the public power, issued a joint statement in which supported the commander of the National Army, general Eduardo Zapateiro, this profile of the crossing of trills with the statesman and presidential prospect Gustavo Petro.In the statement, the reservists assured that" "Our team firmly support the posture of Mr. https://www.asuntoslegales.com.co/gustavo-petro , leader of the National Army, through which he stands up for the institutional honor and dignity of those who with dedication as well as institutional devotion are at the service of the terrific passions of the Homeland." They likewise declined that the fatality of the armed forces killed in the nation is actually utilized for political functions. https://nuso.org/articulo/caso-gustavo-petro-flagrant-system-error/ restated the placement that the basic did not violate article 219 of the Constitution, which makes sure the public power is non-deliberative, this before the reaction that Zapateiro created him the prospect of the Covenant Historic: "Under no conditions may be taken into consideration as political reflection the response of the lord overall Zapateiro prior to social allegations well known and also incorrect a governmental applicant, (...) through contrast, are actually the Military Forces was the 1st organization to keep as well as appreciate the constitutional purchase."On https://www.camara.gov.co/gustavo-petro-urrego of that, the retired armed forces assured that the work carried out by the Army can easily certainly not be questioned and also "also much less, that it is through slander as well as notoriety." They required that governmental prospect Gustavo Petro prevent "declarations that look for appointing earnings and demonstrate ignorance of the meticulous procedure of deciding on generals," the claim said.In the two-page statement, the 40 associations and also organizations additionally slammed the pep talks created by governmental prospect Sergio Fajardo, and also that of congressmen Roy Barreras as well as Iván Cepeda. https://www.pulzo.com/noticias/gustavo-petro assure that" "They are the image of a set up political talk that aims to misinform and puzzle to have an effect on the integrity and prestige of some of the organizations very most enjoyed through Colombians."<iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/hBXBJn_gK8Y" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> https://www.portafolio.co/elecciones-2022/gustavo-petro-ganador-del-pacto-historico-562857 on "all Colombians to endure joined by encompassing as well as supporting our remarkable National Army."

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