I'm Tanisha, and this is my first introduction. Tanisha is a divorcee who recently got married. It was a very difficult separation for me. Although it's not an extensive story, it was extremely painful. The night I left, I got home too early only to discover my husband was with a different lady. This is true. My beloved husband of 12 years have left me and began to find the other woman's best. I've been thinking about the issue for a long time and decided to let it go because you just can't stay in a constant anger state, right? And so I've tried many things, went out drinking with girlfriends, went out painting and drinking with my girlfriends, went out shopping and then drinking, restaurant, drinks, night club.. This has led to self-deprecation and self-loathing. However, I've discovered a way to stop feeling self-hate and began to hate my ex-husband.It was his responsibility. He was the one who destroyed my tranquil, happy and blissful life, that was full of everyday joys and late-night tea-party parties. Our relationship was not a family, so she adopted our dog and tried to keep it even though she wasn't a fan. I had to come up with a strategy to take revenge on him after spending weeks stalking her fake account on social networks. https://y2mate.party/en2/ It's actually quite useful. You can monitor your ex through your social media accounts in a variety of ways. You can even change your username occasionally and then hit "friend" to make them accept. It's rare for anyone to turn down a hot, woman trying to become a friend.I was able to observe his new interest develop over the course of a few weeks. He began doing responses to songs. It's a kind of job, or a hobby however, he began claiming this will become his job from the moment on. He began to get too attached to his goals and he gained only a handful of Youtube followers. Years went by and nothing was ever successful apart from these hilarious reaction videos. Though he's been known to yell, laugh, or roll on the ground, it is just one more ineffective rant after another. I don't have any words to describe what he is doing. Here are 2 ways I came across to play with his new obsession.<img width="485" src="https://image.winudf.com/v2/image1/Y29tLm11c2ljb25saW5lLnl0bXAzX3NjcmVlbl8wXzE1NjgxOTc1NjRfMDQz/screen-0.jpg?h=710&amp;fakeurl=1&amp;type=.jpg">In the beginning, I started to report his YouTube? channel's content for copyright violations, claiming that he's making use of legitimate music and videos from commercial artists to film and post his superficial and uninteresting reactions.. Youtube took down 12 of his videos. This is a great start. The next step is to move on to Facebook. He copied the videos that were removed from Youtube. Now, I claim the video is mine and Facebook takes it off. https://y2mate.party/ Then, he shuts down his account for two weeks. That's great, I'll tell you that much! Twitter finally. But they wouldn't take my offer on Twitter and did nothing about his stupid videos. I've removed 34 videos.Another part of my vengeance was to retrieve the videos they've taken down and upload them in my own name. Here's the problem: Facebook hasn't allowed me to claim ownership of the videos. It was hilarious. Videos remained online for more than four months before being taken down. I have more than twelve of these videos, but I haven't changed or shared yet.

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