The latest projects are being developed to help develop the African region.Input Output Global, the creator of Cardano (IOG) has recently signed with Iceaddis - an Ethiopian incubator that assists startups in technology -- in order to support local entrepreneurs and creatives. The Ariob incubator was developed by the partners in order to assist the growth of projects supported by Project Catalyst the largest global innovative fund decentralized.This strategic alliance will help accelerate the growth projects funded by Project Catalyst Foundation. Startups can gain access to knowledge and resources from venture capitalists in order to create products that address the real problems in Africa. The public decides on the kind of programs they like and the founders receive financial support to help put their ideas into action.Why Africa?Africa is set to become the future as a major center of blockchain innovation. It is a vast continent with a wide array of needs for technology. Africa does not need to be tied to obsolete methods. It is therefore much more simple to introduce innovative technologies and make an impact on the continent. In of industry and society projects, those in the areas of technology, financial services and development have great potential.African countries are a great location to introduce and spread cryptocurrencies. This region is responsible for just 2% global crypto transactions. However, KuCoin? cryptocurrency exchange analysts discovered that Africans have used cryptocurrency in certain countries by 2670% more than in 2018."The acceptance of digital assets is rising rapidly across Africa." African countries are among the most popular for cryptocurrency adoption. They are even more popular than regions like Asia, Europe, America as well as Asia," stated Johnny Lyu CEO of KuCoin?.The region boasts one of the highest rates for the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency around the world. 3 countries: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania are among the top 20 nations on the Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Index from Chainalysis with 5th, 6th, 16th and 19th spots within it, respectively. in terms of the amount of currency holders and market volumes are the Republic of South Africa. KLA conducted a survey and discovered that 47 percent of South African adults have cryptocurrency accounts. Another third of them intend to make investments in crypto in the future.In the year 2000, Input Output Global announced a partnership with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education to give five million Ethiopian students with the chance to demonstrate their academic qualifications using Cardano-based Atala PRISM technology. IOG is also with World Mobile Zanzibar for basic internet access using blockchain technology. 1000 providers in over 100 countries provide services to the developed world, but totally ignores the majority of one continent.Charles Hoskinson, founder and CEO of IOG, has repeatedly stated that Africa can achieve an "economic miracle" and catch up with the economies of the world including China or the United States. Cardano plan to help support this kind of "miracle" on the African continent.In this context, incubator programs are essential. Initiatives like Project Catalyst and Ariob provide projects in Africa that not only provide financial tools but also education and entrepreneurial tools to speed up the growth of ecosystems and ensure sustainability. This comment was made by an IOG representative in their latest launch."The Ariob incubator. Here only a few projects are participating in the support program, which will last up to the first half of 2022. This program provides services that aid in the development of creativity by testing ideas, evaluating concepts, and developing prototypes to make the best products. Ariob is also able to link projects with local companies or government agencies as well as non-governmental organisations.What is the state of the Cardano ecosystem overall?<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>In light of the forthcoming Hydra update, the Cardano community has focused on ensuring sustainable growth and improvement of the system. Cardano is currently part of Basho, which seeks to build an ecosystem that can support and facilitate decentralized applications development (dApps). It has already demonstrated significant growth: at the moment, more than 1,000 projects have been developed on Cardano.NFT projects are the most active with the highest level of activity -at 47.9%, as users and creators are betting on the potential performance of the blockchain. Cardano NFT's most popular rapper is Snoop Dog. The singer has joined forces with Clay Nation to offer "iconic NFTs" online.Additionally, more and more users are interested in cross-blockchain initiatives that permit transactions between different blockchains. Cardano is making progress in this direction too. The end of March, Milkomeda, a second-level protocol providing EVM capabilities for other blockchains than EVM is launched on the principal Cardano network. This allowed users to start Ethereum dApps inside the Cardano ecosystem.The lending sector is the third most popular field of business within Cardano. The volume of the global credit industry market is predicted to reach 26.08 billion US dollars. Furthermore, the average annual growth rate for the industry between 2021 and 2028 will be 24%..

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