, a potential candidate who is a candidate for president, woke up early on Saturday morning to race the Corre mi Tierra Half Marathon 21 km in Medellin.Fico ran with Margarita and his wife along with 15 thousand other people who were gathered on the streets surrounding Antioquian capital.Fico, an athlete who lives in the streets of Medellin declared that he was the president of Colombians. This includes the promotion of popular sports schools as well as seedbeds and the establishment and maintenance of sports infrastructure.He further stated that his program of government contemplates the steadfast support of those who dedicate themselves to study and prepare for academic excellence to help promote all sports disciplines.Fico was greeted with hundreds of words of encouragement and affections as he ran through Antioquia among the runners. Many of the participants were able to approach him to express their support for his candidacy.Inérrez , the candidate for the Team for Colombia has been traveling the country. was, for example in Boyaca on Saturday, which is a traditional religious area which Petro went to on Friday. Petro was the mayor in the past of Medellin and is currently running for the center-right position. was in the Tunja Convention Center where he brought together a large number of people who supported him at May 29 polls.

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