Wikipedia Testimonial is an Web online forum as well as blog site for the conversation of Wikimedia Structure jobs, in particular the material and conflicts of Wikipedia. Wikipedia Evaluation is a Wikipedia guard dog web site, looking at Wikipedia and reporting on its problems. It gives an independent online forum to go over Wikipedia editors and also their influence on Wikipedia material. At its peak, individuals included present Wikipedia editors, previous Wikipedia editors, customers prohibited from Wikipedia, as well as individuals that had actually never ever modified.The website was founded in November 2005 by "Igor Alexander", as well as organized by ProBoards. On 19 February 2006 it transferred to its own domain using Invision Power Board software application. The website required enrollment utilizing a legitimate e-mail address to post and blacklisted e-mail service providers that allowed anonymity so as to dissuade the operation of numerous accounts by a solitary individual.Wikipedia Review was mentioned for its discussion of wiki-editing ideas as well as its participation in the analysis of the Palo Alto Study Firm's WikiDashboard. DiscourseWikipedia Review is not a conspiracy theory, a team-building workout, a role-playing game, or an experiment in collusion. It is not suggested as a source or training ground for those who would infuse anxiety and misery in others. It does not exist to corrupt, however to reveal corruption; it does not exist to tear down establishments, but to subject the methods which institutions are torn down; it does not exist to despise, but is implied to subject hate in others. To subject these points is not wicked. is not a monolithic entity, neither the sum of its components. Like-mindedness does not indicate singularity of function; regard for the civil liberties of one group does not imply disrespect for the legal rights of another. It is not planned to be predictable, consistent, or plain. Visualize a globe in which humans are not customer accounts, are not programmable, and are not simple words on a display screen. That's what we're doing ...-- Declaration made when the website ran out solution in 2008, Wikipedia TestimonialSeth Finkelstein wrote in The Guardian that Wikipedia Review has supplied a prime focus for examination into Wikipedia-related matters such as the "Essjay debate". Cade Metz, creating for The Register, credited Wikipedia Evaluation with the discovery of a personal subscriber list that brought about the resignation of a Wikipedia administrator; he also wrote that a Wikipedia proposition called "BADSITES" planned to prohibit the reference of Wikipedia Testimonial and similar websites on Wikipedia. The Independent kept in mind that "allegations against certain administrators capped on a site called Wikipedia Evaluation, where people question the managers' actions." The Irish technology web site Silicon Republic suggested visiting Wikipedia Review in order to " comply with disagreements, discussions, editors and also basic administration on Wikipedia". Philip Coppens utilized blog posts made on Wikipedia Testimonial to assist build a report, released in Nexus Magazine, on WikiScanner as well as allegations that intelligence firms had been making use of Wikipedia to spread out disinformation.Content and structureWikipedia Evaluation's publicly obtainable online forums are separated into 4 general topic locations:Forum details;Wikimedia-oriented discussion, which consists of subforums focusing on editors, the Wikipedia bureaucracy, meta conversation, posts as well as general Wikimedia-focused topics not fitting elsewhere;Media online forums containing a information feed and conversation about information as well as blog sites including Wikipedia/Wikimedia; and alsoOff topic, non-Wikimedia associated discussion.

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