&lt;a href= "&gt; http://www.secretariasenado.gov.co/senadores/53-senadores-2018-2022/1512-gustavo-francisco-petro-urrego  was confirmed as the candidate on Sunday. He has been going through the election for a few weeks and has been favored.(Positions for applicants to (Positions for candidates to Historic Pact of Pensions and Inclusiveness).Former senator of the Republic and former mayor of Bogota has won the victory in the Historic Pact coalition. Officially as of now, https://caracol.com.co/tag/gustavo_francisco_petro_urrego/a/ 's a candidate to the Presidency, which he hopes to achieve three times. https://www.asuntoslegales.com.co/gustavo-petro is the most authentic of the Colombian left and is a strong candidate for president, despite his controversial ideas and plans on a variety of aspects, including economic.Petro declared his intention to revamp the pension system with the creation of a public manager of the pension fund. The system is expected to be "mixed" and complement the private funds.As per the candidate, according to the candidate, in Colombia there not a pension system. Instead the system is built on bank profits. Many believe Petro will eliminate the chance of him becoming the Presidency. Petro has stated recently however that he would not abolish them, but would seek to improve the pension system in Colombia, in order to achieve the minimum amount of pension for Colombians. Petro further stated that it is not necessary to raise the age at which pensioners can retire.(Who makes up the Historic Pact candidate list).Another issue that has caused controversy is the fact that he repeatedly said that he will stop oil extraction when he takes office as president, which has created uncertainty for investors and the general market.<iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ii4vOY9jFdQ" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>Experts estimate that Petro's proposal to cease exploration for oil in Colombia would incur a cost of around $4.3 billion. https://www.pulzo.com/noticias/gustavo-petro calls for the establishment of an anti-oil force throughout the region and all over the world that will help move the economy away from fossil fuels. I would invite Gabriel Boric, the new Chilean president, as well as Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, the Brazilian vice president.Petro said Petro was in conversation with Pedro Sanchez (the Prime Minister of Spain) regarding his idea.His position on health concerns is also controversial because he insists on ending EPS and replacing it with a proactive care model that "guarantees the rights of the people instead of the profits of bankers".He also challenged the independence of Banco de la Republica, and announced that he would revamp the institution in the event of his being elected President.Petro said that the Bank Board of Directors belonged to the Democratic Center and "What we would like is an independent Bank of the Republic (...) it seems crucial that the Board of Directors includes the participation of society members," the candidate stated in the middle of a debate.Invamer asserts that Petro leads the presidential election voting intention.The idea was controversial because he had proposed to issue money to finance government spending.Petro's ideas include an economy that isn't dependent, hydrocarbon extraction and mining, in addition to a more prominent agricultural role.It is also stated that he will propose an amendment to the tax code that removes exemptions, and transforms the concept of minimum wages by a real wage based on income and capital.

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