My current fascination and obsession come from and is fully focused on Dark TV Series, I have finished the third season and just can't have enough. While it's not the best show in the world but there are two things that I adore about this show. One is the meticulous work done by casting agents. They show several versions of the same person, each varying by 33 year increments. This is a wonderful moment that proves my point.Music is the 2nd thing that I was most impressed with about the show. Of course the story has to be discussed, and the this story is on the top of this list of the most amazing aspects of Dark. The focus of this article is not on the plot twists and truly wicked developments of the television program. I will concentrate on the music. The collective that is working on the selection of music has produced a remarkable work. They are able to find the appropriate songs that build or destroy the mood in key moments in their show and they do it. It's hard to imagine how the show could have happened without music. The most bizarre and memorable song I have in my head at the moment is that weird lullaby.. I don't know if TV shows include a citation to the music at the end, or maybe they specifically find songs in the public domain that don't need to be acknowledged, I have no idea. However, I do remember that I had to search the song by its lyrics and not the title since the title was not there. I went to this YouTube? page to listen to Bonaparte's song. You will find the song's name on the YouTube? page. You may also look up the lyrics by using the title. Check out the video. In any case, do you find it interesting? This is the oddest song yet it's so powerful.I'm in love with the show and the music. It's so much that I've decided to create my own mixtape or more accurately, a mixed CD that contains all the favorites.. After locating them all by the lyrics on Youtube, I realized it would require two CDs to hold all 2 hours of music I discovered.. I used converttomp3 for saving the music to a CD maker, and burned both CDs onto my car. Normally, I just downloaded videos from Youtube. However, this time I was looking to make my music portable and save it to CDs. Are you old school? Maybe I'm an older man. It's not my intention to judge you however, my car has a fantastic sound system. Audio from Youtube isn't great quality and has very poor bass. It's all in mp3 encoder. It decreases frequencies that are barely heard by human ears, and removes many of the almost useless sound. This makes mp3 files smaller and easier to handle.Before I go to sleep before bed, I look up the videos I've downloaded to my tablet. Blue tooth is a connection utilized to transmit music into the boombox. This results in an satisfying sound quality. At home, I don't have MP3, which is why I simultaneously listen to music and watch the video, since mp4 format is what I use for my tablet. They were both simple to download with the free online converter tool. There is a web app that lets you access the website faster and also runs it offline. Utilize the built-in search engine to locate videos on Youtube and download them in mp3 or mp4 format to save them on your device. You now have the ability to create your very personal Dark music mixtape. or any other TV show or film. This idea holds unlimited potential. Youtube has all the good music of today, tomorrow, and 50 years ago.<img width="331" src="">

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