Brilliantfiction Dragon King's Son-In-Law novel - Chapter 352 use tail quote-p3 - - Chapter 352 sweater expansion"Zhen-levels," Soon after throwing a glace at Hao Ren, Zhao Haoran reported ."Ugh…" Hao Ren were built with a negative experience regarding it .After all, within the last battle on the cultivation planet, Zhao Haoran experienced murdered many Nascent Spirit Realm cultivators!"As you may wis.h.!.+" Elder Lu and Elder Sun sat back down .He sensed an tremendous atmosphere within this aged guy . It wasn't produced by his characteristics fact it was subsequently a murderous nature that even Su Han didn't have got!Zhao Haoran highlighted each word .After getting out of your car, he appeared up for the direct sun light and located the sunlight blinding .A dark-colored Bentley Arnage was left around the roadside, presenting off a significant reputation beneath the suns.h.i.+ne .Viewing Zhao Guang still being placed in the achieving area, Zhao Haoran directed at him, indicating, "Arrive too!"Yu Rong, Zhou Liren, plus the other guys were actually overloaded!Elder Sunlight bowed at him . "Gongzi Hao, the previous dragon emperor has came back . You need to wind up in the automobile . "Every one of the people transformed their gaze to Hao Ren ."Are these claims the Hao Ren which has been hanging out with us within the dorms?" they idea . "Ugh…" Hao Ren were built with a poor experiencing over it .Resting not far from your window, Hao Ren withstood up and checked out of the window at the same time .On the other hand, his dumb take action checked really pretentious to Yu Rong along with the other folks .Soon after Zhao Haoran left with Hao Ren and Zhao Guang, the seniors during the getting together with home set about a hot topic . Using a cool teeth in her facial area, Elder Xingyue remaining the area with Elder Lu and Elder Sunlight . The scholars close to the windows 7 all caught their heads out and searched downstairs .Promptly, the bedroom grew to be boisterous the scholars overlooked the teacher at the program and swarmed on the glass windows .He jogged to Space 304 and knocked about the entrance ."Hao Ren's label will certainly distributed everywhere over the classes instantaneously! And the pretty girls will swarm to him!"Discovering Zhao Guang still being placed in the meeting bedroom, Zhao Haoran aimed at him, announcing, "Come as well!"The other senior citizens investigated the other person and didn't recognize how they ought to sense . Zhao Guang acquired given announcements to the South Water Dragon Clan as well as the North Sea Dragon Clan, and none approved the announcements or even the items . Now, the existing dragon king was issuing them notices of war! In reference to his hands on the steering wheel, Elder Sun searched significant but continued to be noiseless .Elder Sunlight, one of many purple-robed elders, came to decide on Hao Ren up directly, knowning that alone signaled the power of the achieving .Standing up on top of the construction on the reverse side in the Arts Building, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili looked at the Bentley leave the college and exchanged a glance . Then, they turned into two natural lightweight beams and vanished too .In the end, no one was specific which get together retained the proper rights, the Eastern Beach Dragon Clan or even the Western Seas Dragon Clan!Zhao Haoran emphasized each phrase .Following Zhao Haoran eventually left with Hao Ren and Zhao Guang, the senior citizens inside the assembly space set about a warmed up talk . Which has a freezing grin on the face, Elder Xingyue still left the space with Elder Lu and Elder Sun .Without a doubt! The Western side Beach Dragon Clan had lost over ten Qian-degree and Kun-degree become an expert in, and part of their dragon palace was damaged . Now was the weakest minute from the Western side Beach Dragon Clan . They even simply had to move South Seas and North Seashore to raise their daring . In case the Eastern Beach Dragon Clan waged warfare with the Western Water Dragon Clan, it turned out improbable which the other two ocean dragon palaces might be preventing on the frontline ."Since you wis.h.!.+" Elder Lu and Elder Sunlight sat back down .Hao Ren was in the heart of focus on college campus for a time . As time went on, the particles possessed resolved downward . However nowadays, this drama roused new general public desire for Hao Ren . A black colored Bentley Arnage slowly drove to the college campus of Eastern side Sea Institution .

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