Massage therapy is an increasingly popular form of alternative medicine treatment claimed to be helpful for treating chronic pain and arthritic skeletal muscle soreness through relaxing the tense contractions of the superficial muscles that are found throughout the body. Massage chairs offer massages that are specifically designed to target these same muscles in patients with soreness and stiffness. The rehabilitation clinics typically offer massage therapy as part of general treatment programs for people who suffer from injuries, range of motion problems, ageing or any other health issues. Massage chairs provide reliable, safe and efficient methods of providing massage therapy to patients in both rehabilitation and day to day routine.The goal of myofascial therapy is to relieve pain and increase performance. Massage chairs generally have numerous ways to accomplish the goal. A common method used is stretching. There are a variety of techniques to stretch by using either high or low tension, or stretching for a certain time or stopping at the conclusion to elevate the tension. This can be effective to reduce muscle soreness but isn't always effective in addressing conditions that involve the stress of tissue that is excessive. Myofascial releases are an entirely different method focused on the reduction of the pain and promoting greater flexibility.The deep massage technique is often combined with myofascial releases techniques that increase the flexibility of muscles and ease discomfort. Massage therapists use either deep muscle massage or Shiatsu or trigger point techniques to relieve spasms, knots, and compress muscle tissue. Myofascial-release treatments can be used for repairing connective tissue injured due to injury or the effects of age. Shiatsu and trigger points can be used with deep muscle massage.Massage chairs have been made with trigger points and myofascial release features to provide an array of different treatment options for muscles and soft tissues of the body. This is particularly helpful for relieving back pain that can often be caused by an imbalanced or weak nervous system. Trigger point therapy is a method which relieves muscles hypersensitive due to strain or repetitive use. Massage chairs offer a range of ways to manage muscles that are inflamed and to treat chronic soreness.The "flight/fight" reflex, which is a part of our nervous system which creates muscle contraction when they're over-exerted or stressed and overworked, may be activated. The tissues surrounding them get more tense, making the individual more vulnerable to injury. Myofascial release techniques are employed to treat triggers by manipulating the spinal column. To release muscle tightness, a chiropractor may use trigger point stimulation, or manipulating the spinal column. A good chiropractor will combine these techniques with targeted chiropractic adjustments that promote wellbeing and health.<img width="369" src="">Myofascial releases are a form of manipulating soft tissue. Soft tissue manipulation releases scar tissue, also known as adhesions which may build up within and around muscles and joints over time. Adhesions can develop due to physical trauma (injury) or due to constant and repetitive tension and stress. Myofascial Release helps in releasing adhesions. This loosens the surrounding muscle tissue and reduces the tension that is holding the tissue in place.Trigger Point therapy can be extremely effective in treating low back pain that is chronic and low back pain which does not respond to any other treatment. Trigger Point therapy is able in extending and strengthening muscles. This allows for greater range of motion and increased the level of comfort. Trigger Point Therapy is often coupled with massage therapy in order to create a well-balanced system of treatment for people suffering from many different ailments, such as acute and chronic back pain. The Trigger Point therapy to treat injuries like golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, bursitis, or torn Rotator Cuff. Trigger Point therapy can be highly effective for people suffering from mild to extreme back pain.It is essential to know the root cause of any therapy or massage. If the source of the discomfort is something else that is causing it, such as an overly stressed muscle or weak fascia and fascia Myofascial Release treatment will not be as effective. The use of a foam roller is excellent way to boost the therapeutic effectiveness of any treatment if the source of pain is a result of mechanical injury, such as inadequate posture, exercise, or poor position. Trigger Point Therapy will work better when combined with a foam roller for stretching and loosening the muscles in the lower back.

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