Jam-upnovel Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet update - 2466 Side Story: Ji Xiuran 11 needle scintillating recommendation-p2 https://www.grapenovel.com/novel/chapters/perfectsecretlovethebadnewwifeisalittlesweet-jiongjiongyouyaojiongjiongyouyao https://www.grapenovel.com/ - https://www.grapenovel.com/novel/chapters/perfectsecretlovethebadnewwifeisalittlesweet-jiongjiongyouyaojiongjiongyouyao - https://www.grapenovel.com/novel/chapters/perfectsecretlovethebadnewwifeisalittlesweet-jiongjiongyouyaojiongjiongyouyao 2466 Side Story: Ji Xiuran 11 typical abashed"I am… I'm worried you'll perish. Ji Xiuran, you idiot!" The gal clutched Ji Xiuran in the forearms. "For those who die… what's the point in me living… You shouldn't have come!"…"Ji Xiuran, I'm wanting to know you… Just what… just what does Worriless signify for you?" Haitang questioned a long while after, conference Ji Xiuran's view.Ji Xiuran placidly sat down again in the bed and witnessed the woman open all of the lunchtime boxes for him."Y-you!"Li Chun was startled."Sis Haitang!"Ji Xiuran… He ended up being waiting this overall time! He actually gambled regarding his possess living!She then gathered a spoon and obtained him: "Opened the mouth."When observing this, Patriarch Zhou and Patriarch Tong increased with rage.Satisfaction brimmed through the man's stunning face. He achieved out and patted her very long your hair. "Are you fearful?"This b*stard got arranged every thing since step one he had taken inside of this place.But if… should you passed away, what's the purpose in me residing?"You're on this page." Ji Xiuran viewed Worriless Nie."This is broth made by having an aged hen that may help you recuperate your blood… Here are a few blend-fry food too…" Worriless Nie stated."You're right here." Ji Xiuran investigated Worriless Nie.Li Chun changed around in impact and stared at his two confidants."It's good to only glance at the final result," Ji Xiuran replied. https://www.grapenovel.com/novel/chapters/netherils_glory-dawn_c "Attack," Ji Xiuran ordered expressionlessly.He didn't should promote the answer with anyone.Ji Xiuran placidly sat back for the mattress and seen the girl wide open all the dinner cases for him."Mm… I lost my sense of preference checking out you and also I can't personal taste the deliciousness of foods any more," Ji Xiuran mentioned by using a grin.Ji Xiuran placidly sat down again for the mattress and viewed the lady available each of the lunchtime boxes for him."Would it tastes excellent?" The gal was anxious."Hurry and try to eat. I produced delightful meal in your case!" Worriless Nie exclaimed cheerfully."Emperor Ji!""Infiltration," Ji Xiuran purchased expressionlessly.Right after stating that, the man taken the gal and remaining the place without appearing lower back."Apologies. We've been Emperor Ji's gentlemen since longer before!" one of several confidants replied coldly."Your true love has arrived. I'm leaving." Haitang smiled and turned into leave behind."I am… I'm terrified you'll die. Ji Xiuran, you idiot!" The young lady clutched Ji Xiuran in the forearms. "When you die… what's the purpose in me living… You shouldn't have come!"

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