Gallowsnovel MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master txt - Chapter 56 - Meeting The Mysterious NPC Again paddle carpenter propose-p1 - - Chapter 56 - Meeting The Mysterious NPC Again scrub hugunassigned stat points :Luck : ??? Rudra nodded since he examined the two potentially profitable new skills he attained , astonishingly he also received a name .Install : not anySubclass : Blast SpecialistSubclass? : Explosion ArtistThat? which was taking place , in this article??? Why was he being top quality , why does he have the same have an impact on like a duke? Why am i a part of a family group? Precisely what the heck is going on?" Also the then emperor of Hazelgroove guaranteed Augustus that his descendants can be thankful as Dukes of the Kingdom , soo yeah you can organize unwanted weight around this put , also we Von Knight ' s have got a little device of members of the military under us ... Some 50 thousand powerful. You can also call upon them if you require them".Dog : unfamiliar ovum (????)System notification : Congratulations gamer , you will have been branded with the tag from the Von Knight spouse and children , you happen to be now a Von Knight, keeping the identical have an impact on like a duke during the Hazelgroove empire . Class : KnightChapter? 56 - Meeting The Unfamiliar NPC Once again It had been a fantastic expertise! Words and phrases cant identify how usefull this expertise was!Competitor Label : ShakuniOfcourse? it absolutely was not much of a distinctive system , it still wanted him to obtain a SSS rating in level 3 marketing mission , which offered a listing of popular classes upon finalization.However this mission also demanded him to obtain a SSS evaluation inside the tier 2 advertising . How peculiar.Ofcourse it was no unique strategy , it wanted him to get yourself a SSS status in level 3 marketing and advertising journey , that gifted a directory of impressive training upon conclusion.Reputation : HealthyPHY : 194 +97 HP : 16000/16000[ Patricia Triumphed Knight ] ( Tier 4 ) ( Princess from the BeastTribe? ) ( Hier to Augustus Earned Knight ) Hewlett packard (10000000/10000000) : She actually is hailed since the most powerful knight in Hazelgroove empire , donot make an opponent out of her.Nevertheless this quest also demanded him to obtain a SSS rating inside the tier 2 advertising . How odd.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rudra inspected the second competency" Take off the armour youngster and stick to me ". The catwoman mentioned . Rudra adopted her into what sounded like a mansion behind the Knights hall ..... The mansion was enormous and studded with riches , it appeared additional high-class than even his guild hallway! Just who seems to be this lady?That which was occurring right here??? Why was he remaining imprinted , how come he have the same have an effect on like a duke? Why am i element of loved ones? Just the thing the hell is taking place? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------" Oh our sight radiance great whenever we look at a person " Patricia reportedPosition : noneAGI : 194 +97 VIT : 194 +97" Eliminate the armour young child and stick to me ". The catwoman explained . Rudra adopted her into what looked like a mansion behind the Knights hallway ..... The mansion was massive and studded with wealth , it appeared much more glamorous than even his guild hallway! Just that is this gal?Ofcourse it was subsequently not a unique technique , still it required him to acquire a SSS evaluation in level 3 promotion quest , that offered an index of legendary lessons upon conclusion. [ Earthquake ] ( legacy ) : Stab your sword within the ground to make shatter the earth and produce shockwaves. Offers hefty injury to anyone returning in touch with the shockwave. PHY : 194 +97 Hewlett packard : 16000/16000[ Eyeballs of Simple truth ] ( legacy ) : Talent distinctive to the Von Knight lineage, The first Von knight , Augustus obtained the unique ability awakened after simply being marketed to Tier5 , his most trusted ability in discerning the true in the untrue . The eyes of facts can discern wether anyone says reality or being untruthful , simultaneously it may examine the statistics of anyone below level 5 correctly

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