Jellyfiction I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot webnovel - Chapter 2031 - Mianmian, You're Not Joking With Me? spray cause recommendation-p1 - - Chapter 2031 - Mianmian, You're Not Joking With Me? riddle damaging“Mianmian, you are not joking with me?” Linda finally discovered her speech, but she still found it amazing.She blinked and expected just as before, “You stated that Chairman Mo is your… spouse? Mianmian, is that this the things you signify?”She blinked and requested just as before, “You mentioned that Chairman Mo is your… spouse? Mianmian, are these claims that which you mean?”Because when she learned that Qiao Mianmian was the Fresh Madam from the Mo family, she really didn’t discover how to go along together.Her artiste was really the Young Madam in the Mo family?!These were already betrothed?These people were already hitched?Qiao Mianmian sighed when she saw Linda’s result. “I was aware I shouldn’t have stated it. Then, just forget about it. Take it i didn’t tell you nearly anything, ok?”“Sister Xie, it does not matter who I am, you’re still my administrator. You may address me much the same way as well before. I didn’t desire to say it previously for the reason that I became worried it would change our relations.h.i.+p.”Linda was speechless.This has been astounding.Why performed she come to the entertainment industry as being a beginner?“To imagine that I used to be anxious about whether you together with Chairman Mo would reach the conclusion. I became really anxious for nothing at all. Now it appears as though I gathered a good deal.”Linda held peaceful for quite a while ahead of bursting into fun.Chapter 2031: Mianmian, You are Not Joking With Me?Linda preserved silent for a while just before bursting into laughter.Linda held tranquil for a time just before bursting into laughter.That was unbelievable.Nothing at all could big surprise her.Qiao Mianmian sighed when she observed Linda’s reaction. “I was aware I shouldn’t have stated it. Then, overlook it. You need to take it i didn’t advise you anything, good?”“Because you looked for me and spoke so sincerely, I think I possibly could give it a go. Concerning me entering the amusement market, it is since I love acting.”Linda couldn’t recover from the shock.“Sister Xie, no matter who I am just, you’re still my director. It is possible to take care of me exactly the same as ahead of. I didn’t need to say it previously because I became afraid that it would modify our relations.h.i.+p.”Practically nothing could shock her.Linda was speechless.Simply because when she learned that Qiao Mianmian was the Younger Madam with the Mo spouse and children, she really didn’t realize how to go along together with her.Linda couldn’t get over the great shock.“Am I going to be the Youthful Madam’s supervisor?”Linda kept calm for a time before bursting into laughter.“Qiao Anxin believed that she acquired found a treasure, but she didn’t know that the person she easily s.n.a.t.c.hed away was almost nothing decent. Oh ideal, Su Ze has sent back. He didn’t hara.s.s you these few days, proper?”Qiao Mianmian sighed when she spotted Linda’s outcome. “I understood I shouldn’t have stated it. Then, overlook it. Just take it i didn’t let you know anything, good?”“Am I going to be the Younger Madam’s director?”

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