Topgallantnovel 《Dragon King's Son-In-Law》 - Chapter 739 - You Want To Catch Me?! fairies blade read-p2 - - Chapter 739 - You Want To Catch Me?! fit yamBoom! A body shown up for the to the west gate in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine.The novel that Zhen Congming stole was the one that might make humans learn the demon techniques!All of the inspectors with the Dragon G.o.d Shrine opened their vision widely on account of great shock.Bam! The larger software which was drifting in the air shook, and the arenas about the Dragon G.o.d Shrine collapsed. These arenas ended up supposedly very strong.Bam! The large foundation which has been hovering in the oxygen shook, and all sorts of the arenas about the Dragon G.o.d Shrine collapsed. These arenas have been supposedly very strong.Each level 4 inspectors didn't anticipate somebody to take out from the location that had been restricted to the Deputy Shrine Masters as well as Shrine Master. They didn't dare to prevent whoever or whatever it was actually. Highest Qian-levels!Bam!For ordinary mortals, the 5-elemental farming was their way of developing, and also the top world they will could reach was the Heart and soul Growth Realm. Nonetheless, some wicked cultivators and demon cultivators could make mortals come to be among them.The black colored light managed to break from the colourful equipment and lighting on the bronze looking glass, after which it struck the bronze vanity mirror, smashing it into four portions.Zhen Congming got out a conch-molded dharma prize to interrupt the variety creation within the door in the catalogue. Below the check out for many inspectors, he went away from the next-floors catalogue.Just when Zhen Congming hit the reception and was about to travel right out of the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, the elder who has been inside the tiny home that has been responsible for signing up came out and obstructed him.Even Zhen Congming couldn't bust with the great assortment growth which had been covering the Dragon G.o.d Shrine.Bam!The amount 2 and level 3 inspectors who had been of reduced realms almost couldn't stand up straight on account of the pressure.Zhen Congming spotted an easy as he emerged right out of the east gate on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine.Three of the maximum Qian-degree Deputy Shrine Masters instantly threw out three ropes to fasten up Zhen Congming.Hao Ren didn't expect Zhen Congming to visit the Dragon G.o.d Shrine to rob. He was also surprised by how this youngster was able to finish the many tiers of range formations and obtain in the highly prohibitive area wherein just the Deputy Shrine Masters as well as the Shrine Grasp got access to.A powerful spike of force came down from the top of the Dragon G.o.d Shrine.Yue Zilong was at optimum Qian-degree, and he was mad. His stomp surely could shake mountains and estuaries and rivers, knowning that also put on to the array growth which stored this drifting Dragon G.o.d Shrine from the atmosphere!Yue Zilong was at top Qian-stage, and he was mad. His stomp surely could shake mountains and rivers, and this also utilized on the variety development which preserved this hovering Dragon G.o.d Shrine on the heavens!Zhen Congming want to move in and after that fall out secretly. He was stealing these materials to ensure that he could deceive Wu Luoxue into growing this. His strategy didn't go as steady as soon as that he acquired the process, he acquired activated a trap from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine.Bam! A black colored light was golf shot down from the top of the the Dragon G.o.d Shrine.

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